Monday, April 2, 2012


They had to put Sophie down today. She was seventeen.

I met Haley in seventh grade. She was a middle school cheerleader with a rebellious streak, I was a total nerd. She dyed her hair pink and we have been friends ever since. I used to do her hair, vibrant crimson with very precise patches of bleached white in specific places. I was so brilliant with hair.

Every time I'd go to her house, her dog, Sophie, would bark like all get out. That is, until she smelled me. Then she'd just lick my legs and wag her tail until I petted her. She was so excited to have a friend!

This was probably ten years ago.

She was very old, mostly blind, and had arthritis. She was the runt of litter, and was bought with allowance money. She was supposed to be quite a large dog... But she turned out to be a large dog on very little legs. Full grown, she had a normal big-dog body, complete with German Shepherd markings and huge paws, but with almost Corgi-sized legs.

She was silly, tail always wagging.

I teared up so badly when Haley texted me tonight. Sophie was meant to last forever.

She had a stroke this evening, and lost control of her back legs. Trying to go down the stairs to the basement, she fell. Haley's boyfriend and her dad had to carry Sophie to the vet in a cloth sling. The vet said there was very little they could do.

Rest in peace, Sophie. My legs feel so dry without you.

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