Thursday, September 16, 2010

Artichokes and Solitude.

It's been so cloudy and stormy and moist lately, I love it. I can wear all the lovelies I've knitted. I'm currently working on the hugest basket weave blanket. It's my first. It's so long that I can hold it up to my tits and it still hits the floor.

I'm supposed to be cleaning up my living room, but I'm typing this up instead. Everything is so very messy and cluttered. I want a clean life. I tend to make piles, tossing things on top of each other until they're ready to fall over.

Maybe the solution is watching Hoarders on Netflix. That show always makes me clean.

But no, instead I'm watching an old Brittany Murphy movie. Love and Other Disasters. I happened across the most wonderful indie movie she was in, Ramen Girl. Then again, I love any movie where food is a central element. She's just so silly. I'm sad she's gone.

Speaking of FOOD, I had my first artichoke the other day. They were a dollar at the store, so I snatched up two and (thanks to the internet) cooked them up. I can now truthfully say that I love artichokes.

Monday was my day off, and I spent the whole day at the Theatre. I watched Inception on a whim, for the third time. When it was over, I figured why not watch Machete. And after THAT, why the hell not watch Takers? I'm catching up, so that when people ask me, I can voice my opinion.

I like going to movies alone. Only when it's not busy. I can fidget, sprawl into as many chairs as I want and take my shoes off. It's like my living room, only with a really, really huge screen.

Now. I swear, swear, swear I'm going to clean.

Scout's honor.

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