Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bring On the Coats and Red Wine

(Haven't updated in over a year, lawlz)

Tonight will be our first freeze of the season. I don't understand why Kansas has decided to completely ignore the best seasons. Fall & spring = awesome. Record-breaking summer heat & scary death fog of winter = shitty.

Come on now, Kansas. Help a brother out.

Oh well. Winter means knitting. And never, ever, ever updating that knitting blog you thought was a good idea while you were drinking that one time. :P

Perhaps I'll become some sort of Jekyll and Hyde knitting monster. Sober me can be normal and boring, and wine-crazed me can become a scary blogging beast.

I just got a promotion and this has somehow translated to FOUR days off this week. Four? The fuck else am I doing with my life? It's going to pick up as Oscar season approaches, but man... Lazy.

I learned to cable? Finally, after six or seven years. So that's something.

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