Tuesday, January 3, 2012

How I Met Your Mother Ruined My Life

Wet hair sucks. Its cold.

I've been watching a lot of How I Met Your Mother. This has led to a lot of thinking. I'm a few years shy of getting all of the jokes, but I'm just on the cusp of the HIMYM age group. Growing up? I don't wanna.

But then... I look over at my better half, who is asleep, snoring, on the couch. He startles himself because his nose itches--then is almost awake and wiping away fake drool--only to re-position himself and resume snoring. This makes me want to grow up.

I think life and love are like knitting. You jump in, assuming it will work out, only to find you don't know how it works. Stockingette and garter stitch seem easy enough, but eventually there's increases and decreases and cables and DPNS and circulars and all sorts of codes.

You know the drill. COsuchandsuch, K12, P78, C4F and C4B, KFB, K2Tog, K tbl, M1, Pfb, OMGSeriously.

But I think the key is getting your groove down (Like Stella had to get twice), and learning from there. I learned to knit in my teens and most of my work was basic moves. This is starting to sound like a sex manual in knitting terms, but I'm actually talking about relationships and life, here. Holy god, I'm sorry. Please don't k2tog in bed.

I'm talking about kYOURLIFEtog. You kinda go through the motions until you figure out how to weave in the ends. You do what you can in the present, working toward the main goal.

So pick some goals, which are just like FO's you'd like to achieve. I think I'd like to be a teacher and live in Nederland, CO, but I don't have the funds. So for now, I'm going to k-abit and p-somehereandthere. Maybe go back to school and achieve more than I've ever achieved. That's the knitting equivalent of learning to cable.

If you can dream it, you can be it.

BAM, Knitting references.

Just kidding, I'm drunk again.

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