Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Adulthood Appears... Again.


No one read this blog, and quite frankly, I'm not sober enough to care. Atleast my typing is awesome.

This is a post about "adult friends." Not the kind of the friends you make sexy-time with, but the kind you meet out of high school. It seems the older you get, the harder it is to meet new people and maintain relationships. Maybe its just me, the perpetually awkward, but I get the feeling this is a common thing.

My boyfriend and I have had conversations about how our parents only have one or two friends that aren't family. I used to think that was totally impossible, having so many party friends in my youth. Now, as the years creep by, and friends fall by the wayside, I can see how that would happen.

And it terrifies the fuck out of me.

I used to be so social, using booze as a remedy for my constant awkwardness. I have a lot of friends on Facebook. I'm like... totes popular. But how many of these people would I want to have over for dinner? How many of them would I go to with intimate problems?

Very few. It seems all the "friends" you accumulated in your youth are quite worthless. You realize how vapid and shallow people really are, and those people are quickly abandoned. Your giant circle of friends turns into a whole bunch of people you just kinda know, with ten or so exceptions.

I spent my evening with an old friend from middle school, who went to a different high school, and then moved out of state. It's just a crazy random happenstance that she is engaged to the tenant downstairs. She was really fun, and I feel comfortable with her because I knew her in my youth. We were able to bond over the countless things we have in common, and I may have found another recruit for my yarn bomb.

But how do you make friends as an adult? Can I organize play-dates?

How did life get so complicated?

Seacrest out?

Gotta find a better way to say goodbye...

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